Sunday, December 15, 2013

7 - an experimental mutiny against excess.

A friend, Jodi, introduced me to a book called 7 by Jen Hatmaker.

Jen and her friends and family go on a 7 month journey to fight against greed, materialism and overindulgence. 

Each month is a different area of excess in their lives: clothes, food, spending, waste, possessions, media and stress. They focus on living with less. This is for a few reasons: to greatly increase God in their lives, to live simply and generously, and to impact those around them and in the world. I won't summarize any of this as well as she does, so check it out for yourself if you're intigued. 

Anyway, starting in January I am going on this journey with some great people I do life with. We'll spend 30 days focusing on less in each area. 

It's so easy to live with the extreme excess we have and not really think about the impact we have, for good or bad, on the world around us. Let alone what our excess does for our relationships (with God or our friends and family). Now, none of these things are entirely bad, but with everything at our finger tips were often overloaded and unaware. 

I want to make room. I don't need to check my social media apps on the way to the restroom or ignore my husband during dinner for Instagram. I don't need to buy a coffee every time I'm in the afternoon slump (how should I spend my money?). There's a lot of things I make "needs" that are often simply mindless wants. 

Anyway, she writes such candid, funny, honest and impactful stories of her journey. 

I am looking forward to but also nervous about this journey. However, I know I have much to learn about discipline, living simply and leaving room. 

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Sharon said...

Hey look at you, blogging! This is a really great idea. I'm intrigued.