Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekend Away {at Hume}

Weeks have been busy. Weekends have been busy. And it's good. However, sometimes you just need a break. A little get a way. Especially when you are surrounded by 100 degree temps and lets face it, you are just not cut out for that. At least, I'm not. Friday the staff at Eastside were blessed with a day off. When this appeared on the calendar along side the first open weekend in a while, a trip was a must. So why not Hume? Visit friends, enjoy the mountains, feel cool weather.. Yes, please. Here's a few photos from the phone. The skies were beautiful. The air had that great mountain smell as it turns to Fall. It is different than the local mountains and it's so good. Photobucket Photobucket Saturday was the FIRST day of Fall. A hike, pretty warm leaves, crisp air and a cool night with scarf wearing were a perfect way to ring it in. Photobucket I am grateful for days with very little awareness of what time it was, time to hike/think/converse, friends, views and prayers about life. It just feels good to breathe in, process and give it all up to the one who already has it. Amen? Amen.

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