Tuesday, May 19, 2009

brothel or bust.

I'm running out the door but I am excited to head back to the brothel today.

We're trying something new today. We decided we would come for lunch and hang with the girls through the afternoon.. We did evenings and stayed the night in town because it's four hour drive but nights are busier for them so last time we mentioned this idea and they loved it.

So today we'll show up late afternoon to serve wraps, pasta salad and fruit salad for lunch. I've got two hair color jobs to do and rachel will be treating them to whatever make up they want done. Also, we have a BIG basket from Sue and Erica (from cali) full of flip flops, foot scrub and scrubbers, nail polish, cotton balls and other pampering items. I'm super excited they had the desire and were generous enough to put the basket together and I've been anxious to give it to the girls.

When I called yesterday to ask them if today was a good day to come the response made me super excited. "Oh hi! We were just talking about you. We can't wait for you to come back!" I'm blessed to have an open door to go into this work place/home and spend time with all the staff.

More to come.
Feel free to pray for these ladies :]

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