Wednesday, May 27, 2009

back on "the lonliest highway in the west"

Before even getting in the car I was blessed to by the other end of the phone, "We've been talking about you and can't wait for you to come again."

It is exciting to see the progress made in relationships over the 4 trips. From a somewhat awkward getting to know each other to knowing their personalities, inside jokes, nick names and seeing their hearts, hurts and hopes.

This time it was just Rachel and I. Heidi was missed by all the girls (and my food didn't get quite the same attention). We had a late lunch with the girls, spent time enjoying the afternoon, dyed and cut hair and unfortunately had to get on the road so we could get back before midnight.

Sue and Erica had the heart and desire to give to the girls and be part of the team. They put together an amazing basket full of goodies for their feet - flip flops, nail polish, files, pedicure tools and more! One of the girls who is hilarious and animated calls us "Santa Mamas" when we bring gifts. It's hilarious but it is great to see how excited they are to sort through the basket and collect their goodies. It is love in the form of attention for their feet. It was great to tell them about my friends who wanted to be a part of giving to them and loving them because they value them as well.
I am excited to go back soon and spend more time with them. Each time we meet someone new, find out something new about their lives and dreams or just get to know then a little more. Each time I look forward to all of that.

Brothel Basket:

Preparing lunch

Spreading the love:

Sunset to drive home:

long drive ahead but well worth it:

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