Thursday, March 5, 2009

I want to write..

but I have not pictures to post and nothing in particular to say. I should have pictures from beautiful San Diego this weekend but I haven't gotten that far! But San Diego was great. Craig spoke at all 5 sunday services at The Rock Church. It was inspiring to see how many people were touched after the great talks. We brought 800 of the Jesus Loves Porn Star Bibles (Brand New) and nearly sold out by the end of the 3rd service. We still had two busy night services! So Craig called Brandon who got on a plane with lots of bibles. We ended up selling around $1000 which helped us pay off the bibles to be able to give them away at the porn shows. People couldn't wait to buy one, or 10 or just throw down money. You could tell people were hearing important stuff that challenged and yet comforted them at the same time.
This broken woman approach the table to thank Craig. She began word vomit of all the heavy stuff she was going through. She was completely vulnerable and you could tell she just couldn't keep it in anymore. She was facing a recent divorce due to sexual addictions, hurt, fear of raising her two boys alone, and much more. She thanked Craig for listening and walked away but I had to ask if I could pray for her and she said, "Thank you, I really need it". So I prayed and we both cried. I encouraged her as much as I could. She has been on my heart. I wish I had her email. I really love to be able to listen, encourage and pray for those around me or anyone who needs it and I was blessed to have been there to do that for her that night.
The weekend was great though.. Sea World with Jeanette and the kids on a gorgeous day, Church, dinner in Little Italy with the Jedidiah folks, my first Chick-fil-A experience, A hotel over looking the water, lunch in san diego with Josh K., etc.

Pictures from this lovely weekend to come but for now I found a few from a couple weeks ago:

Meeting with the lovely Swaney Ladies (in town for Volleyball):

Town Square music in the park on Valentines day:

Ps.. I am making my first venture home this weekend for a wedding, Maggie's baby shower (woot) and an engagement shoot. Will be busy but I am excited!

so much for me having nothing to say and no pics to post. ;)


Sharon said...

i love it all.
FIRST chick-fil-a experience?! that's incredible. i freaking love that place!
love your blog.
love your stories.
love your heart phyl!

Sharon said...
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Anonymous said...

Can be.