Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back to the clubs.

It's exciting getting more dates on the calendar to spend more time in the strip clubs.

On Tuesday night Rachel, Heidi, Melody (Kaleb's Fiance) and I jumped in the car and had two clubs on the list (And a few as back up in case we didn't get in).

Our first club on the list was one we went to last time. We wanted to show up again and hopefully begin to form relationships with the club and staff. Last time the house mom took the gifts but was hesitant to let us. We gladly left the make up and thanked her. We prayed in the parking lot and hoped for favor! Even without our connection with the manager, "W", the men at the door were willing to let us in with cases of water for the girls. We were told they are often dehydrated and thirsty. We were walked right to their dressing room and welcomed by the house mom. There weren't many girls yet but we had a good conversation with "K" who was a bit skeptical and questioning but thankful we are doing what is rare for them. It seemed like she was just pushing us to see how we would respond. A lot of the girls have been hurt by religious people who have hated and condemned them so we have to get past all of that. Upon leaving we were introduced to the back dor manager and told we were welcome straight in the back anytime! This is huge :) Thank God! So, were stoked and head back to the car to share in excitement and head to the next.

Club number two is a new one and perfectly one Rach and Heidi had in mind and right around the corner. It is way smaller, seems to be empty and quiet. The door manager isn't sure what we are doing but gladly carries that water to the girls and allows us in their room. We give them make up, offer our services and spend some time with them. One of the girls mumbles concern of us being those Christians who will preach to them. We hang out while they anxiously go through the make up bags wondering what is in each one. The whole "religious" thing comes up again. I tell them that while we are Christians we are not there to condemn or preach but to offer our services and anything else we can do for them. They were grateful. It is great because it is so small it seems like forming relationships with the girls should be easier than other clubs.

It really was a great night. We spent the drive home brainstorming what else we can bring them and how we can love them. On the agenda: mints, foot lotion/soak, home made snacks, etc. We are so grateful or favor, open doors, connections and conversations in these clubs. If you think of it, pray for these girls and our outreach.

Thank you for reading about the latest!

Here is a picture from the parking lot:


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