Thursday, January 3, 2008

santa barbara or bust..

right? day off.. time to get somewhere different.

Lucky that I have a cool friend like maggie to jump in the car with.
We started with the ultimate breakfast (jack in the box), scanned the radio through counties and had some good conversation.

When we arrived we cruised down town and met up with Tim Halberg. It was good to see his office and get some advice on touring the city. I like it there.

We did some wine tasting with tim and his wife cheryl, saw a fabulous sunset thanks to tim's directions and began the tiring journey home.

It was great. random. and taking advantage of an oppurtunity.

Funniest note ever!

nose pericings are more fun in another county.


Anonymous said...

how come I don't get a nice wine glass in my hand???

Anonymous said...

YAY! santa barbara!!

Phylicia Nicole said...

Maggie: Yea for you coming with me!

Tim: I was wondering where your wine was as well? i guess someone was too cool!