Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Jambo (Greetings From Africa).

So I am home. Africa was absolultetly amazing.

God orchestrated everything in such a perfect way. We we're so blessed to be a blessing to the people of Nairobi!

It is such a different world working in the poorest of places. Sewage. Trash. Disease. Seven people in a home half the size of an average bedroom.

yet the kids smile. Their faces scream Joy. What a blessing to see. It was so great to walk around shaking their heads and saying "jambo" and hearing them repeatidly scream "how are you" while they don't really knowing what they're saying.

I have quite a few up dates of pictures to post but we'll start with these. We landed and hit the ground running. The school had an awesome performance planned for us that broke our hearts! Then we explored the slums and some of the kid's homes. Alot to take in and alot to pray about. But we we're excited, ready for sleep and for two weeks of whatever God had in store!

Mathare Valley: Part One

There are so many great stories, touched lives and life changing events. I am blessed and excited!

more to come!


Kaytee said...

omg phil!
im soo glad that everything went so well.
i cant wait to hear more deatails!!
im sure you have so many.
love you!

Anonymous said...

there are no words to describe the blessings that this trip was filled with! you did a wonderful job of capturing the beauty of it all!
3 wow's to Jesus! 1,2,3...WOW!