Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hannah & Michael | Orange County Engagement

These two are so special to me and I am so so happy to celebrate their love!
I've know Hannah since she was in 7th grade and I became one of her youth leaders. From Summer camps, youth group nights, dating and friend drama, growing in the Lord, laughs and tears, moving to college and all that come with grown up life - we've been through a lot. And we've spent plenty of valuable time talking about, praying about and dreaming about what God has in store with her future husband. Now we know! It's Michael. Family set them up and it couldn't have been better. He is such a gift and I have loved seeing their love unfold.

Hannah stood by my side at my wedding and now it is her turn. I - Can't - Wait!

So glad we got to squeeze in this session when Michael was in town. I love you both. November is going to be a really good month!

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