Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Empty Lot Inspiration

There's an empty lot near my house. I love it for a few reasons.
1. It is empty. I love the space between homes and that it makes me feel like I am in a little rural spot for a minute.
2. It has been overgrown with tall green weeds from all this rain and it's so pretty! I knew someday they'd chop it all down (and they did just after this shoot).
3. We pretend it is our yard and play fetch with Winston in it.

So, all that to say, I really wanted to take some photos in the lot for fun. We were hoping to do them during the "big storm" but it was less big than expected. We also got stuck with shooting at noon due to schedules but hey, it was about getting creative.

I love noticing spots that might otherwise be "ugly" but have potential to be a fun and pretty backdrop. Anyone else do this?

Thanks to Taylor and her awesome roommates Ireland and Aubrey for playing in the lot.

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