Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My Word For 2017

I don't know how long this "Word of the Year" thing has been a thing but I've seen a lot of it lately. I didn't set out to come up with one, but I think one found me.

You know that gentle tug that happens when you need to grasp something? Or maybe it's a sucker punch to the face? I've had both. Lately I've had little nudges calling me towards a word - a concept. I've just noticed a need to invite a new process in. I am sure this is nothing new - it's a long time needed thing. It is reoccurring. Are you ready for it? It's a radical concept -


mild in temperament or behavior; kind or tender.

I know, your mind is blown.

I am still flushing this out but I know it is popping up for a reason and I know it will play out consistently in unique ways this year.

Learning to be:
Gentle with myself
Gentle with my husband
Gentle with my expectations

If you know me you probably know I am not the most "gentle" of humans. I get fired up about things, I feel passionately, I don't like to filter my words and I want justice to be had. I am hyper self aware and have always expected much of myself (and therefor others). My poor husband. I like my passionate, move to action spirit but I think a little balance is needed.

So yeah, G E N T L E N E S S.

It arrived and it's here to stay.

I bought a new devotional and the first day I opened to was about fun, free spirit, joy. Those things quickly diminish when there is something to resolve, something to do, a need for responsibility. Read: dishes before couch cuddles, conflict conversations before chatting about our days, lingering in hurt before forgiving.

So there it is. A few reasons I know the concept of gentle is a needed one.

Do you have a word for yourself?  

Are you gentle? Tell me your ways! 

Anyone else feel like Gentleness is their word?


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