Friday, September 30, 2016

Campo Family | Sunday Family Dinner

I am so excited about this session for a few reasons...
I have known TJ and Sharon since high school and it has been so fun watching their family grow. Sharon has also been such a huge encouragement as I have shared life through my blog and grown my business. Finally, Sharon entered my session giveaway and won! Sharon shares life in such a beautiful way through social media and her blog. I knew this would be special.

Sharon chose to have her session at their weekly family dinner on Sunday nights. For years they have been gathering with siblings at TJ's parents house and this has been a special place throughout their marriage, TJ's time in Afghanistan and learning about life with their son's autism.

TJ's mom is always wanting them to have a family photo taken (which I love). But you know, time goes by and it just doesn't happen. So Sharon knew this would be a special way to include everyone and document such a special gathering for their family.

I got to their house a little early and got to Mary (TJ's Mom) a little. She's lovely. It was evident she so naturally creates a warm and inviting space for the whole family and I felt right at home.

I loved being a little part of this weekly tradition. The kids running free, the grown ups mingled throughout the house and yard. Some time catching the game for the guys, hanging in the yard with a glass of wine for the ladies.

You know what I loved the most? It was simple. No fancy linens, no strict start time, no formal plan. It was family. A gathering to simply be together. I love that.

Thank you, Campo Tribe, for letting me share in your Sunday evening. 

 Sweet Clementine, roaming the yard!

Lilly, in all her spunky personality. She was too fun.  And she had her camera.. love!

Caleb's favorite; swing time with Grandma. He went straight to it and had a blast.

Learning about life from the family dog... It's hot, just tip over and take a drink. 

These two. I love that they already share so many years together as married people and have so much life ahead.

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Unknown said...

This was so much FUN, Phylicia!! I truly had no idea how many pictures you were taking; you were so cool and casual 8-) The color, use of lighting and capture of sweet, everyday moments - all beautifully done!! (Next time come to eat, not work!)
Love, Mary