Monday, July 18, 2016

The Mainprize Family: Home Session

You know what I love?

The in between moments. You know, the simple moments when you pause and think,

"These are the moments that make up this season, the ones that we'll look back and value deeply." 

You know what I mean? In our home it is moments like Saturday morning breakfast and coffee on the couch in our pjs. Getting home late and debriefing our day on the couch. Our neighborhood walks to dinner. Sleeping in on Monday mornings..

These moments can be easy to overlook but so worth preserving.

That is why I love home sessions.. A more documentary approach to capture some of the in between, unique, simple and valuable moments.

This session with The Mainprize Family worked out when Grandma was in town. So I parked it in the corner of some of their favorite rooms and documented them, being them. It was lovely.

Thank you for letting me capture these moments for your family! 

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