Thursday, March 24, 2016

Just for fun | A Creative/Teaching Session

My photography buddy (Tay Joy) was on Spring Break and wanted to plan a shoot just for fun and to enjoy the act of taking photos just to be creative... GREAT IDEA. It is so refreshing to mix things up and shoot just to enjoy it. Plus, we invited some friends along who are new to photography and wanted to learn/practice. Taylor even recruited a fellow learning photographer to be our model (practice subject). Phoebe was awesome! She has the most fun/unique/silly and beautiful energy.

So.. 5 ladies, 5 cameras, 2 locations and a coffee hang afterwords took place.

I'm pretty pumped.
First, it was fun to just shoot. To play. To have no expectations. To enjoy golden hour.
Second, I love teaming up with other people and it was so lovely to create together.
Third, it was so fun to teach & share what I know to encourage others in their growth. It was great timing too, as a friend and I are launching our class on photography and workflow (Foundation + Flow) soon and this session got me all energized!

What have you done lately, "Just for fun"? 

Here's a look into our simple + fun session in Fullerton.

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