Tuesday, August 18, 2015


This post is about our home.  This is also a post about being content... or beyond content. God keeps calling me towards rest, presence and gratitude in many areas of my life.

I've wanted to take pictures of our home and blog them. Not really because you've been wanting to see/read this, but because someday we wont live here and I will miss it. I want to be able to look back at it and say, "We loved our time there and made the most of it".

This is the place we started life together. This is where so many significant moments, beginnings, challenges and dreams have been had.

It's on the tiny side. There are some things I wish it had. There are some things I get jealous of in other people's homes. The fire station next door is SO loud. The Taco Bell that we practically share a wall with attracts some weirdos.
BUT - I love it.
Sometimes I fall into "needing" more. Thinking we deserve to have more and should go get it. I've had plenty of people say, "Wow, are you going to stay here?" (since it's so small) which I understand but also don't love. And it does make me question it sometimes.
BUT - I love it.
And I have to remind myself that it is enough.. even more than enough. Yes, most people have bigger homes. Yes, we eat dinner on the couch (or our new outdoor dinning room table). Yes, I will love living somewhere quiet eventually.
BUT - we have a home and I love it.
And it is cute. And it provides shelter. We can have friends and family over. We've established our rhythm as married people here. We have great neighbors who are friends. We can walk to all the fun stuff downtown. I feel safe. It has everything more than we need.

We've got a lot to be grateful for. Sometimes I need a slap in the face that reminds me of that.

Also, a friend recommended a book she was reading and if the topic of really making your space a home you love strikes you, check it out.. The Nesting Place: It Doesn't Have To Be Perfect To Be Beautiful.

So, what do you love about where you are it (quirks included)? I know I can be good at pointing out what's missing or lacking but here's to seeing the good, value and potential in what we have.

Here are some of the details that have made our space home..

Because I am all about authenticity and the last thing I want is anyone thinking I'm something I am not (super tidy, great decorator, or have it all together - hah, nope).. Yup, a cereal bowl, games from the night before, mail, junk, etc. Remember what you see on the internet is what people want you to see - there's usually more to the picture.

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Sharon said...

Phylicia! I love it!! We have a small space too (and with 2 kids). What a great reminder to be content and thankful for how God blesses us.