Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Do vs. Who: Part 2

There are a lot of communities forming for women to be encouraged, challenged and equipped.

These make me so excited. Women being encouraged to pursue their dreams, take charge of what they want, make things happen, be a part of something significant.. all great things! And I do love all of this. However, I do think there is a downside..

Please don't read that as me thinking any of these are bad.. But I do think that despite all of those great things, there can be discouragement too. I see a push for women to do something big, create something new/successful and maximize themselves to do good. Again, all good things.
But here are some potential downsides I see:
  • Women feeling that they need to desire launching something new to be valuable
  • Women feeling that unless they launch something new and successful, they don't have anything special to offer or be known for
  • Women feeling that the role they find joy and satisfaction in isn't enough if it doesn't fit the above
  • Women feeling that being a part of something they are passionate about isn't as significant as being the creator of something.

I had a few conversations along those lines with friends this week.. One dear friend was speaking into some of the above and had to remind herself that her role helping homeless transition well is indeed so significant. Another friend is moving into foster care after both her and her husband felt called to serve as a loving and safe place for a child for whatever period of time. She was feeling unsure about quitting her job to fully invest in her new role as mom. Sometimes people don't communicate the value in the choices we make. I've attended some events with a great community of women and have been so encouraged but there are moments when I explain that I am currently a barista and investing in ministry with my husband that the margin I have created to be present in my life doesn't seem good.

So, here are a few pieces of encouragement I've been leaning into:
  • Whether you are in a season of rest or pursuing your dreams big time, if you are where you want to be, that is great
  • There is value in being present in your current role, relationships and daily opportunities
  • Being a part of an existing organization and furthering the success is much needed and a great way to use your gifting
  • Being committed to your workplace and allowing God to use you is significant
  • Being a wife or mom and investing in your family is extremely significant. We all know more healthy families would be a great thing
  • You don't have to start something, have your own non-profit or business cards to state your value 
So, pursue your dreams, even if they don't involve having an instagram account for your new organization with a ton of followers. Pursue being a healthy, content, joy filled you. Pursue joy that comes from being you, not competing with what looks most valuable. Invest in those around you, care for a hurting friend, notice where you can invest (little or big).

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