Monday, September 29, 2014


I am sure rest looks different throughout life. Right now, I am not sure I'm very good at it. I want to be and I've learned a little bit about saying "no" at times. But even with no outside "obligations" I find some to place on myself. I've kind of always been more of a "do-er" and less of a "be-er".

What is your go to place of rest? While I am not great at rest, being in nature is my favorite way to rejuvenate.

When our work week came to an end last week and we were in our usual post church nap/lazy Sunday mode the opportunity came up to enjoy an overnight trip to a friend's cabin in Arrowhead. So 30 minutes later we were packed, picking up the keys and on the road. We love this cabin. I've gone there as a leader in youth ministry, with friends, as a college ministry leader, to celebrate Charles' birthday and it's the place we got engaged. So, plenty of great memories. It was quick trip but I am so thankful for the generosity given to enjoy it and get away. Even the little grocery store, Jensen's, means happy get away!

I've learned that whether it's a quiet lunch break outside, an evening walk, a much needed talk with a friend, cleaning or time journaling at a coffee shop - downtime is so important to me. We all need it. Whatever your time of rejuvenation is, seek it out.

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