Monday, March 17, 2014

DAILY in (y)our marriage

Charles and I went to our first marriage conference this past weekend. It was a good chance to be reminded of the important foundational tools for a healthy marriage. Yeah, we're only 10 months in, but we know intentionality in this area is a good habit to create. These 10 months have really flown by and they have been filled with a whirlwind of decisions, learnings and adventures.

There were some great, and yet simple things to be reminded of. One of the first sessions included "The Power of Daily."

Deal with your stuff - be ruthlessly honest about your own brokenness.
Attitude is everything - self care is crucial, be flexible, minimize frustrations (not maximize).
Intentionality - Be willfully committed. This takes effort.
Like vs. Love - mutual submission. We often love each other but do we like each other?
Yahweh reigns - Is Christ the center?

This might not make sense without the full context, but it was a good simple thing to remember. 

It was great to be in a room full of people choosing to be healthy, heal, and love each other well. I know there was also a room full of brokenness, hurt and struggle. Charles and I don't have it all figured out (not even close), but I do know choosing to be intentional and engaging in real honest community is so important. I'm trying to do my best in these areas and would encourage you to do the same - married or not - with what life brings your way.

Keep on keeping on, friends.

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