Saturday, August 31, 2013

Canadian Honeymoon: Part two.

So, part two.
Need I say again that we love Banff? Just so pretty..

This is the view from our resort hot tub. We went in the hot tub daily. It was cold outside but it was so beautiful and relaxing to soak and enjoy the view. Plus, we made friends. Our routine looked like: explore town in some way, enjoy the hot tub, get ready for an evening out or relaxing in. 
 We kept putting off the Banff Gondola because it was always cloudy with little to no view. But once we decided there wasn't going to be a better day, we went for it. The top of Banff was absolutely covered in snow and much colder. The gondola only fit 4 people max and was a fun and peaceful journey to the top.

This was the river viewpoint just below the Gondola ride. 

On our last morning we decided to wake up at dawn, literally, and make a second trip to Lake Louise since there was almost no visibility the first time. The weather forecast said the sun would indeed appear at dawn and be visible for the first time on our trip. So, we decided it would be worth it.

This is the view outside our upstairs window in our Condo. Hello glorious mountain!

The whole drive was gorgeous. Seriously beautiful. 

Lake Louise, round two:

He didn't speak English but he had two cameras and I hoped we would get something decent.. Finally someone who offered to take a photo and didn't disappoint. Good work, fellow tourist.

And then the clouds rolled back in.

This view greeted us as we reluctantly made the journey back towards to Calgary airport. We stopped at a great coffee shop for breakfast in Canmore, which was super cute. 

And then we left. The airport was bittersweet. I really loved vacationing with my new husband but was also excited to begin life in our new home together.

We give Banff two thumbs up.

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