Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How do WE?

Of course, lately, many questions and conversations are based around our wedding. I am grateful for someone who cares about and wants to tackle this together. However, I don't want us to just talk about the wedding all the time and ignore each other and daily life. Also, there's life - future - the road ahead to think about. We've got to talk about that a lot too. With Charles on the job hunt there is a lot to process, talk about and pray. And I am figuring out that prayers of "Where are you leading him?" now mean "Where are you leading us?" I don't fully know what that looks like but I am trying to figure that process out, little by little. Today sparked a conversation on that because of our interest in Apartment Life (Cares) (Check it out). I have been very interested in this since I learned about it a few years ago. It has popped up multiple times through multiple avenues. I applied and decided it wasn't the best time because of the two year commitment and what that challenge that would bring with the timing of Charles and I possibly hypothetically getting engaged (since I would be committed to living with someone else those 2 years). Well, Apartment Life is looking for teams in the Fullerton area and I love the partnership with a local church they focus on, how the intentional community living aligns with Eastside's vision and much more! Charles and I are both very intrigued by doing this and through connecting with them today it is clear that with their desire to see couples married for 1 year before beginning that this isn't a near future thing for us. I completely respect that.. But I am anxious to dive into ministry together. Screenshot2013-01-30at95634PM As we search, pray and think through options I am trying my best to be open to what God is leading us to. I am trying to be patient. I get moments of just wanting to know how everything pans out. What is next? I have many other questions too. But, I am grateful for someone to tackle these life things with. I am grateful God has been preparing us individually and together. I am grateful it's not all about me or my plans. I am grateful for where we are now, for the community we have and the church we love. That's what I know right now.

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