Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Morning commute dispute.

Today on my 8-10 minute commute to work I heard one radio conversation and it was quite disturbing. On the radio station (star 98.7 to be exact) a woman was on the line. They we're about to make a call to her husband. There was absolutely no quality music on the presets so I half listened to the conversation.

A woman made a call to the caller's husband. The woman explained she was from a new floral business and she wanted to offer him a free dozen roses sent to the person of his choice. He hesitates but after some reassurance it is free he accepts. When she asked him who he would like to have them sent to he said, "My wife, Elizabeth". The 'florist' thanked him.
At this point the radio host steps in and explains that his wife thinks he might be having an affair and they are glad he chose to send flowers to his wife. He is completely confused and hesitant. His wife comes on to explain that he has been acting distant and has the signs of a cheater. After more confusion he assures her he is not cheating and explains that he takes her on dates and tries and feels rejected, especially since they have not been intimate in over 3 months. She combats that with her feelings and request he try harder. He is clearly discouraged and in shock.
Once again the radio host steps in and affirms him in continuing to pursue his wife and affirms her in communicating and loving him, tells them to hug it out and hangs up.

If you are still tracking with me are you thinking, "What the _____?"
I was certainly upset as I arrived to work. This is someone's personal marriage and family and this station has a regular calling opportunity for people to corner their significant others in the potential of an affair? Appalled. How must that husband have felt after he was accused on public radio? I imagine the conversation didn't get better after the radio dismissed them.
Is marriage not sacred anymore?
Do people not care to communicate with each other?
What happened to putting one another first? Honesty? Value? Privacy?

On the other hand, today is the first day of Lent. See more on Jan's blog.
A time of surrender.
I am grateful for this time of sacrifice as a reminder to draw closer to God. I have multiple people in my life whose marriages need as much prayer as possible. I have tough relationships and next step decisions that need clarity. I have a desire to cling more desperately to Jesus.
I am thankful for this reminder to lay all of that before Him.

Jesus, please restore...

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