Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

It has been a busy busy week with 11 Christmas services, events, shopping, spending time with lovely people and life. Great things that I am truly blessed with but right now it is so good to be in the glow of my lovely Christmas tree, gingerbread house in front of me, lots of wrapping gifts, Christmas music, candles and pajamas. I am tired and peaceful downtime is so good. Time to rest, be thankful and reflect. This is valuable. I am thankful for a great time I worked with to put on 11 services in our video cafe with good, drinks and a lounge atmosphere. I certainly pray God moved in the hearts that attended.
Let's celebrate His birth!

Decorating our house was super fun. I am definitely more than okay with starting before Thanksgiving. December goes way too fast. I am keeping my tree forever. Okay, the roomies might not let me but just a little longer.


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