Monday, November 15, 2010


Music is on, fresh cup of french pressed coffee, afternoon sun through the window. I like this moment and I feel like writing.

I've been contemplative today. Many different thoughts ranging from what I need to get done today, things I want to do soon, relationships, growth and challenges in my life, etc. Right now I am running through a few goals I would like to carry out soon.

Here's the list:

1. Learn how to keep my car clean (mainly inside). It often looks like I live in my car. Many of you have found many handy things in my car but I'd like to avoid the rearranging of stuff so I can fit people in my car issue.

2. Go on a long road trip and all the comes with it. Singing in the car, feet out the window, genuine conversations, truck stops, snacks, photo taking, getting lost, exploring. It has been too long.

3. Hang my hammock. Hello! I have had my hammock since the Mexico trip of '06 or '07 which I was so stoked for and I have NEVER used it. Wow, that is horrible. I need to either get a stand or hang it from our Avocado tree. Pronto.

4. Sleep under the stars. No tent or housing. First I have to be somewhere I can actually see the stars. Second I think I need to go somewhere that I am not afraid a bear will eat me. I can't believe I haven't done this.

5. Be present. There is a part of me that has not been present in my relationships with people or Jesus and I am not diggin' that. There's a distance that needs to be eliminated. I'm missing out.

And because I feel there needs to be a photo, here is a favorite old photo of clouds. Days this pretty are rare in Fullerton.



Robyn said...

i like the goals :)and, if it makes you feel any better. i have a hammock i bought the first time i went to costa 01...and still haven't hung it. ha! :)

Phylicia Nicole said...

That does make me feel better! Woo. Maybe we can fix that soon.