Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Yeah if only it was Saturday..

.. Saturday!"

It is. And it is lovely!
Just thought I would share how why I am loving this day, if you couldn't already imagine:
Makeshift at home peppermint mocha in a penguin mug, christmasy fleece robe, rain, the sound of rain, good music, productive cleaning, taking my time, a great evening ahead and gray skies.
I thought to myself, "It's raining. I should hurry and head to a cozy coffee shop and sit by a window and enjoy the rain." And then I thought to myself, "Wait, I'll just brew coffee, stay in my pjs, and sit by my window."

Here's to hoping you are enjoying this lovely Saturday.



Genie In a Mommy Bottle said...

awww! U are so cute!

maggie said...

phil, you're amazingly cute. how does your hair always look so fantastic?