Monday, September 28, 2009

four years of briefing

I love traditions. I do Holidays and occasions with full effort - decor, treats, attire, etc. And you always have to document with photos. Looking back on past years of repeated events is so great.

One thing that has happened for the past four years is the annual young adult trip to Forest Home (see previous post). For the past four years we have gathered our group to take a picture together on the 'small bridge'. I looked through my hard drive and found the collection.





Being a part of the Young Adult Ministry has been such a blessing. I've grown close to so many people, learned a lot of about serving, the challenges that come with it and seeking God and His will through it all. We are blessed with such a genuine and growing community, Ian and Julia and all their heart for the ministry and the people in it and being able to see growth and passions lived through those around us.

I love you all.


Chase said...

There's one more before this I think! 2005? I'm facing backwards in the picture.

maggie said...

i love that you love traditions. :)