Thursday, June 4, 2009

heartsupport + Jedidiah's Community Series


heartsupport is featured this month on Jedidiah's Community Series project. You can go there now and answer the question:

How is community important in dealing with issues of the heart (addictions, depression, self injury, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts) and where do you go to find support? We want to hear about the people, the places, the events that have helped you in your journey. Where do we go for inspiration and hope in times of need?

The stories submitted will be voted on by the Jedidiah Community, every submission will be considered to be inspiration for Jedidiah's monthly Community t-shirt design and a portion of every shirt sale goes back to heartsupport. The funding from these tee sales we will put toward bringing full time online counseling to the website for all visitors.

You can learn more and get involved at:

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