Wednesday, April 29, 2009


On this day, in 1986 I was born - 5:20am.

The major event listed on this day is:
800,000 books destroyed by fire in Los Angeles Central Library


So let's lay out the last year.
*quit my job
*applied for an internship
*enjoyed a fabulous summer off no work
*went to spain to visit jordynn
*went to a movie by myself
*Shot a wedding in beautiful Sonoma
*Started working for Fullerton Photographics
*Took my first official college class and it was hip hop (yup, hip hop)!
*fell in love with sushi
*grew to love iced tea
*saw death cab for cutie twice in one weekend
*vacation in san fran/see radiohead
*Moved to Las Vegas to intern with Fireproof Ministries
*Went to my first Porn Convention as well as multiple strip clubs and brothel visits
*Became an auntie to Ellie Dann
*Met amazing people from all over

blessed, challenged, discouraged, drained, filled up, encouraged, reminded, grew, received/gave love, newness, continued relationships, experiences and more.

Here's to the end of 22 and on to twenty three..

I am blessed by all of you who have and continue to be a part of my journey. Seriously.

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