Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A big part of my heart..

..goes to the college ministry at my church (Eastside Christian Church).
It's been a long time work in progress. I, and many others, have spent so much time praying, brainstorming and seeking to point to Jesus in our ministry and have it be a place where people feel accepted, loved and welcome. I am so thankful for where our ministry is at.. not just numbers but lives, relationships, serving and making a difference.

We recently went to Forest Home: College Briefing. It is a great weekend away to spend time together and focus on our Creator. It's fun to look back over Forest Home trips the last 4 years and think about how much God has done in our ministry. I've been challenged, discouraged, hopeful, encouraged, prayerful, anxious, excited and unsure over the years but god is doing BIG things and I am blessed to be a part of it.

Forest Home 2007:
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Forest Home 2008:
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As cliche as it is, God is good.
Happy Wednesday night everyone.

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