Wednesday, July 9, 2008

spillin' the beans.

Ok, I am sorry if you are a Starbucks fan.. You may want to stop reading.
I am not. I will admit, since they have realized they have competition with smaller chains, they have stepped it up a little, but I still am not a fan of the place.

I love small places. I love places that appreciate customers, aren't so corporate, have comfy seating, actually produce good tasting coffee. I know places we have still aren't the greatest, but I am thankful there are options other than that place that is on every corner. Cheers for people who are brave enough to open something else with they way people mindlessly go to Starbucks and with the economy where it is at. I know there is stuff at starbucks that taste good and there is convenience in going there; I just expect more from my place of purchasing coffee. I would love to open a coffee shop some day. It would be super comfortable, have free wifi, lots of local art, in house roasted beans, 'for here' would come in ceramic mugs.. Ah, sounds good huh? ;)

So anyway, yesterday I ventured over to Peet's coffee, newly opened in Fullerton. I was VERY excited even though I have never been to Peet's.If you know the whole story of Peet's and Starbucks, it's a heated and intense one.. But I was excited for a new place. So, I spent some quality time there. IT was great because it wasn't super busy, had plenty of good seating, tasted good and had free wifi. You'll find me there more. The employees have some things to learn, but I'll let it slide.


Ok, I am pretty excited about this - But if you are interested I'll just let you read:

"As many as 12,000 Starbucks workers will lose their jobs when the company begins closing 600 U.S. stores this summer.
The Seattle coffee company is cutting 5 percent of its U.S. locations as part of a wide-ranging effort to boost its bottom line and its stock price.. Read More

Well, sorry for my rant.. share with me your opinion!..


Anonymous said...

amen sister. It's about time the small time coffee joints of this world take their rightful place in the spotlight.

Anonymous said...

PEETS IS MY FAVORITE!!! Where in fullerton is it phyl!?! Miss and love you...i hate how we say we should hang out and never do...but i guess it's life! and like you said last time we can really enjoy the times we do see each other! -Mel