Sunday, April 6, 2008

the little things..

So, Shannon and I thought that these little espresso stands seemed pretty rad. They seem to be all over - little one room house type things that you can walk up to or drive thru. So, thanks to shan's brilliant idea we took a walk yesterday morning before wedding festivities to the closet one, Mocha tree. By the way finding it was a pretty funny moment but you kinda had to be there ;). Anyway, we fell in love, head over heels. The girl working was super nice and put up with our over enthusiasm about some place that was in complete contrast of something like starbucks. So, we excitingly ordered coffee drinks which were way cheaper than what we're used to. All this time there is a car behind us waiting to order. We have been taking out time, getting exciting, chatting it up.. We finally leave and tell the lady in the car - "We're sorry!" and she says, "Don't worry, you are totally fine!" in the greatest genuine, non selfish way! And, that is why Shan and I are moving to Yakima Washington - the nice lady in the van. That doesn't happen where we're from. By the way, our drinks were delicious.

So Shannon left early this morning but insisted I go for another coffee run with out her. So I did. And I took some photos for her sake! Our coffee friend totally asked where Shannon was. Man, we're so in here!

Ahh, the beauty..


That's for you Shan.

More to come.
Now I prepare to fly. on a small plane. with lots of carry on.

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